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Preserving Legacies through Sustainable Growth.
Helping Companies achieve a Net-Zero Status Globally.

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Millio Investments  

A dependable B2B and B2C ESG provider with experts who know what it takes to succeed in their niche.

At Millio Investments Ltd., our specialists possess unparalleled expertise in the fields of carbon offset procurement, ESG coalition building, and sustainable financial planning. Leveraging our team's guidance, landowners and businesses can effectively sequester carbon and meet their sustainability objectives.

Through meticulous research and customized solutions, we significantly enhance the likelihood of success for each of our clients' sustainability initiatives. Our work not only mitigates taxes and reduces emissions but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable future for all.



Learn about the services we offer

We offer our services for both companies and Individuals. Specifically, we help companies offset their emissions

and Landowners the opportunity to enter the Carbon Market.

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GIS & Cruise Mapping

Evergreen Tress

Tree Planting

Diving in the Reef

ER Blue & Green Carbon Certificates

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Carbon Market Access


Land Management 

Water Lake Landscape

Sustainability Reporting

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MT CO2e Absorbed

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1-Year Contract Value 

 Land-to-Carbon Value Calculator  

Empowering Sustainable Land Management

Discover the transformative potential of your land to offset carbon emissions and earn additional revenue. By partnering with Millio Investments Ltd., you not only contribute to sustainable development goals but also enjoy a financial upside. Utilize this calculator to get an initial estimate and join us in making a tangible impact in the ESG landscape.

Dandelion Fields

Business Sustainability Pays Off

Empowering a Sustainable Future for Business Success

At Millio Investments, we streamline both Business and Landowner Procedures so our clients can work with us stress-free. We offer a multitude of solutions to our buyers including the development of tailored corporate sustainability reports.                     



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Further Your Growth

Exclusive Opportunity

At Millio Investments Ltd. We specialize in selling prime land for businesses and landowners. We'll connect you with a realtor and provide you with a pre-cruised plot. Whether you're looking for a new location or want to get involved in Carbon Offsetting, we have the perfect solution for you. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity and secure your future success.

Get to Know Us

At Millio Investments, we are driven by a simple yet powerful mission: to create a sustainable future by empowering landowners and facilitating the sale of carbon offsets. Our company was born out of the belief that environmental protection and financial viability can go hand in hand.

Trees and Mountains

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